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Our origin story

Crowdsourcing the very best from around the world

We had a gap in our own careers. We could not find training on energy modeling and environmental design analysis, yet clients were asking for it, competitors were delivering it, and employers were struggling with re-tooling staff. We needed a solution that did not require another graduate degree and did not take time away from work. We thought, why not reach out to the sources of knowledge: researchers, expert users and tool developers who are shaping market trends, and lets crowdfund courses and make them available to everyone. Lets reach out to remote parts of the world and deliver the training in the latest tools and technologies, directly to your conference rooms. And that is how Performance Network was born.

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Live new courses are added every week including topics like Intelligent Facades, BIM for Cities, Timber Construction, Design for Wellbeing, and the latest developments in Energy and Environmental Design, Modeling and Analysis.