What is The Living Studio?

Autodesk Research

The Living, a first-of-its-kind Autodesk Studio, explores the future by building full-scale functioning prototypes today. Their projects apply generative design, biology, and new materials to real built projects in the context of technology, culture, and the environment. The Living creates new types of buildings, public installations, prototypes, and architectural environments. Their team has been working for several years on research and development projects in the fields of architecture, art, industrial design, aerospace, computer science, engineering, manufacturing and synthetic biology. Recently, The Living was ranked third by Fast Company in its list of World’s Most Innovative Companies in Architecture.
  • Lecture and Live Demo

    Workshops impart the latest technical and theoretical knowledge and provide hands on demonstration of Dynamo, Python, Simulation and Analysis

  • Expert Led

    The course is led by the Lead Designer and Principal Research Scientist with The Living group within Autodesk Research in New York City

Sneak Preview // Generative Design for Architecture: Autodesk MaRS Office

Project: MaRS Office, Toronto, Ontario // Client: Autodesk // Project Team: The Living, New York // David Benjamin (founder and principal); John Locke, AIA, (project architect); Ray Wang, Danil Nagy, Jim Stoddart, Lorenzo Villaggi, Damon Lau, Dale Zhao

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This course features a self-study recording of a LIVE workshop and example files