• Expert Led

    The instructor is an industry expert, practicing as Digital Design Technology Manager at HOK providing training, BIM implementation, and computation design support to the San Francisco and Seattle offices.

  • Practical Application

    The hands-on workshop leads participants through real-world project scenarios including Perforated Screens, Stadium Seats Distribution, Custom Nodes, View Analysis and Data Visualization.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Dynamo Introduction, Nodes and Basic Lists

    • Dynamo Data, Formulas and List Management

    • Dynamo Basic Geometry

    • Dynamo Revit Workflows

    • Dynamo Practical Applications - Perforated Screen, Stadium Seats Distribution and Custom Nodes

    • View Analysis in Revit with Dynamo

    • Visualize Dynamo Data in Revit

Dynamo is the Future of Building Information Modeling in Revit

Learn Dynamo and differentiate yourself from other BIM specialists, and learn to automate routine tasks and build complex geometry