Case Study and Software Workshop

The course includes an Introductory Lecture and Case Study Live Software Demonstration

Professor Dr. Michael Bruse, creator of the urban microclimate simulation platform ENVI-MET presents a LIVE case study and software workshop, including a BONUS introductory lecture on Decoding Urban Nature. The course provides access to the workshops as LIVE webinars and recordings.
  • Simulation of Nature Based Solutions

    Green Façades, Living Walls, and Water Design Elements

  • Advanced Plant Simulation

    Plant Health, Wind and Water Stress, Water Usage

  • Solar Access Analysis

    Sun Hours, Shading on Ground and Building Façades

  • Air Quality

    Dispersion of air pollutants including NO-NO2 ozone chemistry

  • Thermal Calculation

    7 nodes, 3 layers wall/roof model with prognostic calculation of heat transfer

  • Emissions and Dispersion

    Simulation of plant-based BVOC emissions and dispersion

  • Detailed Building Physics

    Façade and Indoor Temperature and Energy Flux, Microclimate at Building Surface

  • Water Spray Simulation

    Water Fountains, Water Mist Cooling

  • Building Massing

    Single thin walls as design elements

  • Radiative flux

    High resolution modelling of radiative fluxes including multiple reflections using the IVS algorithmR

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Part 1 - Live Recording

    • Part 2 - Live Recording

Learn to decode urban nature with Envi-Met

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