Why you should attend

  • No experience required

    We will start with the basic building blocks and work up to intermediate and advanced topics.

  • Expert led training

    The instructor spent 20 years producing motion graphics for Hollywood films and TV shows.

  • Industry standard tools

    Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D are industry standard tools for animation and special effects.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    2D Animation Essentials: Adobe After Effects

    • Getting Started and Animating

    • Adding Effects, Best Practices and Importing Files

    • Keyframes, Track Mattes and Masks

    • Creating a logo, text and rendering

  • 3

    3D Animation Essentials: Cinema 4D

    • Basics, Objects and Hierarchy

    • Modifiers, Deformers, Splines and Constructors

    • Materials, Textures, Environments and Cameras

    • Lights, Animation, and Rendering

  • 4

    Post Production: Compositing 2D and 3D Animation Elements

    • Combining Cinema 4D MoGraph with After Effects animations

    • Adding 3D elements to 2D annotation and infographics

    • Adding 3D photorealistic content to tracked footage

    • Additional tracked footage

What you will learn

Examples of what you can produce with this course

Examples of motion graphics in architecture image, video and audio credits: Ben Sound, Arc Digital, HOK, The Up Studio, DS+R

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