Welcome to the Mass Timber Network

The latest on timber design, engineering and construction

Video credit: Stora Enso

Performance Network has grown to a global audience of over 40,000 architectural design and engineering professionals. This is our new learning channel, dedicated to Mass Timber, a growing industry, essential to a carbon neutral and resilient future.

February 18

Live Webinar with StructureCraft

Learn from StructureCraft, who works with developers, owners and architects to engineer, fabricate and erect carefully detailed building and bridge structures in timber, steel, glass, concrete and other materials.

February 25

Live Webinar with Stora Enso

Learn from Stora Enso, one of the world’s largest CLT & LVL manufacturers, and Europe’s largest timber supplier.

March 10

Live Webinar with B&K Structures

Learn from the UK’s leading sustainable frame contractor, specialising in design and delivery of hybrid timber and steel structures.

May 5

Live webinar with Design-to-Production (D2P)

Learn from the digital planning and fabrication specialists behind the works of Shigeru Ban and others with over 35 ground-breaking projects to date.

June 18

Live webinar from the TU Digital Timber Construction Group

Learn to use the Timber Plate Structures tool in Rhino3D for freeform, lightweight timber structures and about automatic processing of data and integrated joints.

July 14

Live webinar from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

This workshop explores the design and development of free-form glulam structures in Rhino3D. Theoretical background and lightweight modelling tools for free-form glulam structures and joints is explained, including case-studies. Tools are demonstrated in Rhino3D for a hypothetical design scenario. We will explore material performance and distribution, linking fabrication to design geometry and qualitative analysis of material properties for early-stage architectural design.

July 23

Live webinar with Fast + Epp

Learn to use the Timber Bay Design Tool to provide member sizes, volume outputs, and 3D visualization of mass timber grid design. Data output tables display results, structural depth and material takeoffs.

August 25

Live webinar on Beaver for Grasshopper 3D

Learn Beaver: a pack of tools for Grasshopper and Rhino 3D, developed for the optimization of geometry, sections, and connections for either conventional or free-form timber structures according to Eurocode 5. This workshop investigates the benefits of a parametric method for the structural analysis and design of timber structures based on study cases developed in the Brazilian context.