ENVI_MET Winter Release 2018 & Grasshopper plugin for ENVI-MET


Featured lectures, presentations and live demonstrations on High Performance Design topics including Sustainability, Green Technology, Resilience and Advanced Computational Design, Modeling and Analysis
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ENVI_MET Winter Release 2018 & Grasshopper plugin for ENVI-MET

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City Information Modeling [CIM] and Microclimate

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Ask CIM experts from Cityzenith and Urban Climate experts from Klimaat how you can get started with CIM Analysis and Interactive Results Visualization

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Autodesk Research shares the Future of Generative Design

Watch 'The Living Studio' hosted live on Performance Network

Learn how 'The Living' explores the future by building full-scale functioning prototypes today. Their projects apply generative design, biology, and new materials to real built projects in the context of technology, culture, and the environment.

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Meet our instructors

  • Chris Mackey

    Building Scientist

    Chris Mackey

    Chris has worked as a Building Scientist at Payette Associates since 2015, after graduating from MIT’s Building Technology program. He is a co-founder of the Ladybug Tools plugins for environmental design, which he regularly applies at Payette and teaches to thousands of professionals and students across the globe. He has added many features to Ladybug Tools including most of the project’s components for thermal comfort, passive strategy modeling, HVAC sizing, building energy simulation visualization, and detailed envelope heat flow modeling (with LBNL Therm + Window). He oversees the maintenance and development of the Ladybug + Honeybee legacy versions and is currently in the process of building Dragonfly to link Ladybug Tools to macro-scale climate modeling engines and data sets.
  • Theodoros Galanos

    Computational Environmental Design & Building Physics Specialist

    Theodoros Galanos

    Theodore is a building scientist and co-developer of the Butterfly CFD software, a part of Ladybug Tools. Sustainable Construction Projects on the urban and building level. Involved in the development and implementation of Sustainable Building Construction strategies and designs, working with project teams in facilitation of various Green Building Certifications (Green Building Index, LEED, GreenMark, GreenRe). Engaged in residential, office and mixed-use, hospitality, and entertainment developments, as well as in developing sustainable regional policies. Also, in charge of Building Physics and Research Department, focusing on the design and development of new design tools and assessment methodologies related to: - Whole-building energy performace (EnergyPlus, DesignBuilder, LB/HB) - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for the internal and external built environment (OpenFoam platform and in-house developed tools) - Indoor and Outdoor Occupant Thermal Comfort assessment - Daylight and Glare assessment, optimizing artificial and natural lighting (Daysim, Radiance, LB/HB) - Parametric multi-objective optimization models of various building performance parameters (Rhino/Grasshopper, LB/HB) - Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (ELCA) of building materials, components, and construction practices - R Programming for single and multi-objective optimization, statistical analysis, and spatiotemporal visualization of information. - Supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning methodologies in Building Performance assessment and optimization.
  • Alex Fischer

    Software Engineer

    Alex Fischer

    Alex Fischer is a Software Engineer at Adobe and a recent Carnegie Mellon University graduate with a Master of Science in Computational Design and Minor in Software Engineering where he created Quelea as part of his thesis. He received a Bachelor of Architecture in May, 2014, with a Minor in Computer Science and completed his bachelor’s thesis, Embodied Computation: Exploring Roboforming for the Mass-Customization of Architectural Components. Alex specializes in programming computational design tools, rationalization of complex geometry for fabrication, parametric modeling, environmental analysis, robotic fabrication, and new forms of representation and interaction.
  • Timur Dogan

    Assistant Professor at Cornell University

    Timur Dogan

    Timur Dogan is an architect, building scientist, and educator. His research expertise is in daylighting, energy modeling, passive climate control strategies, and performance driven design workflows in both urban and architectural scale. His work empowers non-specialized architects and urban designers to optimize their design proposals regarding their energy demand and supply, comfort, and livability. To date, he has authored and coauthored several books, journal papers, and peer reviewed scientific articles.
  • Jon Sargent

    Architectural Designer and Software Developer

    Jon Sargent

    Jon is an architectural designer based in New York, and Chief Creative Officer at Solemma LLC. He specializes in shading optimization, thermal modeling, and computational design. He received is Masters of Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design and worked as an Architectural Professional at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM).
  • Stephen Ray

    Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering at Northpark University

    Stephen Ray

    As an engineer, Dr. Stephen Ray brings diverse professional experiences with companies from a Fortune 10 to a three-person startup, which showed him first hand the necessity of integrating learning opportunities with real-world applications. Dr. Ray connects students with local companies and visits Chicago landmarks with his classes. “Physics and engineering students regularly intern with companies and conduct research at world-leading research facilities in Chicago,” Dr. Ray says. Dr. Ray serves as both a professor and the Director of Sustainability in effort to reduce North Park’s campus footprint and better steward our resources. Dr. Ray works with students in the campus sustainability group, the Green Team, by providing strategic guidance. He helped launch the new programming and IT club, α-T3ch, and advises students in the Society of Physics and Engineering Students. “Few jobs allow such direct impact on our future leaders in an environment shaped by our distinctives: urban, intercultural, Christian. Throw in a new STEM building and engineering program and it’s hard to beat.”
  • Neil Katz

    Associate at SOM

    Neil Katz

    Neil Katz is an architect and Associate at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. He uses a “computational design” approach to design, and has used this methodology in developing geometry (simple and "complex") and as a way of analyzing and designing in response to many project goals, including environmental and sustainability goals. "Computational design", aspects of which include algorithmic and parametric design as well as building information modeling (BIM), is as much a way of thinking about design as using and developing tools for design.
  • Joshua Schultz

    Structural Engineer and Assistant Professor

    Joshua Schultz

    Joshua Schultz is a structural engineer, clinical assistant professor and director at MSOE University. He specializes in structural optimization, dynamics and analytical modeling of systems. Prior to entering academia, Joshua worked as a structural engineer at Skidmore Owings and Merrill and Stutzki Engineering. Joshua is a licensed engineer and holds bachelor, master and doctorate degrees.
  • Sandeep Ahuja

    Chief Executive Officer at Pattern r+d

    Sandeep Ahuja

    Sandeep Ahuja, founder of building performance analytics firm Pattern r+d, brings her experience on working with over 10 university facilities. She is pioneering the integration of energy analysis into the design and construction process. She recently won the Atlanta 30 under 30 award for developing a unique methodology to optimize for cost in sustainable buildings. As building performance consultant, Sandeep is responsible for testing varying building specifications and facade options for performance and affordability. Sandeep helps create low energy and glare building solutions with high daylight and thermal comfort. With the use of big data, Sandeep helps inform building decisions related to performance as they relate to cost.
  • Andy Tindale

    Managing Director at DesignBuilder

    Andy Tindale

    Managing Director and joint founder of DesignBuilder Software with over 25 years experience in the building energy simulation sector having also worked in academia, design consultancies and R&D groups. Passionate about removing unnecessary barriers to widespread adoption of the latest building simulation technology, Andy has recently been working on adding a design optimisation capability to the DesignBuilder toolset.
  • Michael Sawford

    Vice President at Environmental Design Solutions (EDSL)

    Michael Sawford

    Michael is a building physicist who has worked as Director of Energy Analytics, Software Developer and Consultant with EDSL, where he helps maintain validation paths for Tas software and is directly involved in the development of the software and utilities. He also provide consultancy services using Tas applications for building simulation.
  • Andrew Corney

    Product Manager at Sefaira

    Andrew Corney

    Andrew's role is to Product Manage the front end components of both of our products: Sefaira Architecture and Sefaira Systems and so he is eager to learn how they can make products that meet business needs and improve your effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Ignacio Fernández Solla

    Associate Director at Arup

    Ignacio Fernández Solla

    Ignacio is a building envelope consultant at Arup. He participates in projects by architects like Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Herzog & de Meuron and Richard Meier among others. These projects are located in Spain, Europe, Middle East, north of Africa, USA and Latin America.
  • Robert Golda

    Building Enclosure Specialist

    Robert Golda

    Robert has over 10 years of international experience with the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of building enclosure systems, with a focus on technical performance and aesthetics. He has written numerous publications and given lectures, both domestically and internationally, on building envelope systems and integrated architectural design processes. Golda has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
  • Jens Voshage

    Architecture + Design Technology Leader at Cree by Rhomberg

    Jens Voshage

    Jens specializes in sustainable building design, environmental performance analysis and modeling, as well as BIM. His design focus is on thoughtful appropriate and responsive architecture. As a faculty member at British Columbia Institute of Technology, he holds lectures in various building science related topics to architectural Bachelor students. He is also the initiator and editor of the blog formfollowsperformance.
  • Andrew Reilman

    Managing Principal at Integral Group

    Andrew Reilman

    Andy is a Principal with Integral Group's Los Angeles Office, and has more than 15 years of sustainable consulting engineering experience. His expertise in sustainable architecture and green buildings includes building designs for passive, low energy systems such as natural and mixed-mode ventilation, displacement ventilation, radiant heating and cooling, and building integrated renewable energy systems. Some of Andy’s notable high performance projects include the UCLA Pauley Pavilion (LEED Gold), UC Berkeley Student Community Center (LEED Gold), Long Beach Airport Terminals (LEED Certified Level), Soka University Performing Arts Center (LEED Gold), LAX Bradley International Terminal (LEED Silver) and Jefferson Creative Offices Re-Use (LEED CS). Andy, who has an BSME from University of California, Davis, is a licensed professional engineer. Additionally, he is a certified ASHRAE High Performance Building Design Professional. Andy is the ASHRAE SoCal Chapter President and is active in USGBC-LA.
  • Jeff Rios

    Senior Engineer at AKF / In Posse

    Jeff Rios

    Jeff is an engineer at AKF / In Posse, experienced in many different aspects of Building design. Focus includes Mechanical Building design, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building practices. Specialties: Sustainable Building Design, Energy Modeling, Existing Building Energy Audits.
  • Arthur van der Harten

    Professional Acoustics Consultant, Chartered Acoustical Engineer, Author of Pachyderm Acoustical Simulation

    Arthur van der Harten

    Arthur is the first acoustician hired by Foster and Partners and author of Pachyderm Acoustic, an acoustics simulation plugin for Rhinoceros 3D.
  • Ian Molloy

    Senior Product Manager at Autodesk

    Ian Molloy

    Ian Molloy is Senior Product Manager for Autodesk Insight. Ian has over 20 years of experience in the development and application of building energy and environmental performance analysis software to the design, construction and operation of higher performing, more sustainable buildings. He has a first class honors degree in Building Science and Mechanical Engineering as well as a degree in Mathematics. He is based in Boston where he works closely with Autodesk Revit, FormIt and Dynamo development teams, industry partners and customers all working to make the built environment better.
  • Simon Whelan

    Founder of FenestraPRO

    Simon Whelan

    Simon is a Founder and Chief Operating Officer of FenestraPro, based in Dublin, Ireland. FenestraPro is a software provider developing applications for AEC design professionals on Autodesk platforms such as Revit, Forge and Quantum. As one of the founders, Simon has evolved FenestraPro from concept, through start-up phase, and is now in scaling, with FenestraPro Premium and FenestraPro Linc being used by some of the largest architectural practices in the world. Simon holds a Masters in Architecture (Advanced Environmental and Energy Systems), is a certified LEED Green Associate, and is an expert in Building Performance Analysis, particularly through Autodesk applications such as Revit and Green Building Studio.
  • Brandon Schumacher

    BIM Manager at NYC Department of Design and Construction

    Brandon Schumacher

    Brandon Schumacher is the BIM Manager at the New York City DDC and was previously the BuildingSMART manager for HOK New York, overseeing Building Information Modeling BIM and technology implementation for 220 staff in 2 office locations. Prior to joining HOK, he was at BuroHappold Engineering as a BIM coordinator for nearly 2 years. Brandon has 9 years of experience in the design industry and 5 years in the construction industry, and he has served as a project manager at Randy Brown Architects BIM specialist and project engineer at SHoP Architects and BIM director at CookFox Architects, LLP. Brandon's current role is to oversee BIM training, standards, and support initiatives for the HOK NY offices, as well as participate in firm-wide development of content, standards, and innovation of processes. Brandon has a bachelor's degree in architecture from Iowa State University and a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.
  • James Fee

    Chief Technology Office at Cityzenith

    James Fee

    James Fee is the company’s Chief Technology Officer and has over 20 years of experience in CAD/BIM, GIS and database sectors; along with over 15 years working for AECOM and other AEC firms developing cloud-based services for clients around the world. At Cityzenith, James is responsible for the Spatial Technology Strategy. He is leading the development of the groundbreaking 5D Smart World product as well as researching and evaluating how new technologies and products can be applied to business problems faced by Cityzenith customers James has given keynotes at technology conferences around the world on emerging spatial technology. He has 10+ years of experience with cloud-based application development and implementation of spatial applications in a distributed environment. More importantly, James is widely seen as an industry leader in the rapidly growing field of geospatial and location technologies. He has worked hard over the past 20 years to develop a GIS community on the web though his personal blog (http://www.spatiallyadjusted.com) and Planet Geospatial (http://www.planetgs.com).
  • Nathan Koren

    Founder and CEO of Podaris

    Nathan Koren

    Nathan is an entrepreneur with experience in sustainable urbanism and innovation strategy. As an architect in America and India, with an emphasis on mixed-use, sustainable, transit-oriented development. He spend years in transport planning, focusing on transport innovation that would have positive urban outcomes. Seeing that problems of finance, strategy, and management were frequently barriers to urban innovation, he gained an MBA at Oxford prior to making this transition. He has led feasibility studies in over a dozen countries, becoming a recognised expert in the emerging technology of Automated Transit Networks (ATNs), and frequently lecturing on the subjects of automation, transport innovation, and urban design. His current startup, Podaris, is the culmination of these interests: a collaboration platform for designing better urban infrastructure, which launched in November 2015.
  • Clifton Harness

    CEO of Testfit.io

    Clifton Harness

    Clifton is CEO of Testfit, creators of Residential Engine, a Macro-BIM Software application, built from scratch in the C programming language, by Building Forge. Residential Engine, in its current form, is the first step to creating a generative design platform that is accessible and easy to use for designers and developers. The long term vision for Residential Engine encompasses cloud computing and building design optimization from the onset of the design process.
  • Diego Cuevas-Gómez

    Vice President at Onyx Solar Energy

    Diego Cuevas-Gómez

    Diego is Vice President at Onyx Solar where he has led the growth of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) technology. Onyx Solar designs and manufactures photovoltaic (PV) glass for buildings; in other words, glass that generates free electricity from the sun, which is installed as a conventional façade, skylight, canopy, paver, and other architectural structures.
  • Meror Krayenhoff

    Founder of Sirewall, Inventor of Hybrid Earth System

    Meror Krayenhoff

    With 23 years of full time rammed earth experience, few people on the planet know more about, or are as passionate about, the benefits of insulated rammed earth. Through consulting, Meror enjoys sharing his knowledge to create functional, durable, healthy, environmental, and iconic projects. He has been involved with award-winning buildings, including Nk’Mip’s first place at the World Architectural Festival in Barcelona, worked on LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge projects and has won 26 gold Canadian Homebuilder Assoc. awards and 3 Best Home Builder in BC awards. Other awards won are the Advanced Mfg Award from City of Nanaimo, the Environmental Award from Vancouver Island Advanced Technology (VIATEC), and the EcoStar Award from the Capital Regional District.
  • Ryan Cameron

    Digital Design Leader at DLR Group

    Ryan Cameron

    Ryan Baker Cameron graduated with a master in architecture degree from the University of Nebraska in 2008. Ryan has been a speaker at Central States Revit Workshop 2013 (now BIM Workshops) and he has presented sessions at Autodesk University multiple times as well as Revit Technology Conference. He works as a project architect for DLR Group. Ryan is very active in the Revit community, and you can find him on just about every forum, happily sharing his creative passions with others. If you would like to connect with Ryan, find him at Twitter @rbcameron1 and LinkedIn.com. Ryan is a technology enthusiast and a designer who loves all things architecture and engineering, and he has publications in several magazines, including Crit Journal and MetalMag. He is a recipient of many awards, including the Herman Miller Young Architect Award.
  • Cesar Escalante

    Design Technology Manager at HOK

    Cesar Escalante

    Cesar is a registered Architect with more than 12 years of experience leveraging architecture and design technologies in the AEC industry. He holds a deep expertise managing, implementing, and supporting all facets of BIM administration, mobile and cloud technology, and project management systems. He played an instrumental role in developing and managing successful workflows for multi-discipline coordination of large, technically complex, multi-million dollar projects. He provides recognized leadership at the forefront of BIM technologies, and is a passionate educator.
  • Luc Wing

    BIM and Building Performance Analyst at DPS Design Group

    Luc Wing

    Luc is a BIM specialist at D/P/S and works to connect it with energy modeling. He is BPA certified and promotes sustainable solutions through the office, leading the company's AIA 2030 initiative, becomeing 1 of 170 reporting firms in 2016. He now implements and energy analysis plan on every new construction project in the practice.
  • Aaron Ketner

    Architectural Designer and Energy Specialist

    Aaron Ketner

    Aaron is an architectural designer and energy specialist at D/P/S. During his time at the University of New Mexico, Aaron has held seven graduate teaching assistant positions at the UNM School of Architecture and Planning. In August of 2016, the Office of Graduate Studies awarded Aaron with the Graduate Studies Excellence Assistantship. In the summer of 2016, Aaron was the recipient of the Schoeman Travel Endowment where he conducted independent research on Nordic healthcare architecture in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark studying the correlation between energy efficiency and sustainable design, with an improvement in the indoor healing environment - ultimately shortening the patient’s recovery and improving the quality of work from the doctors and staff. Recently, Aaron has delved into research on environmental awareness, energy, economics & social cohesion within urban neighborhoods for his Masters Project. Credentials WELL AP, LEED Green Associate
  • Ze Nunes

    Founder of MACH Acoustics

    Ze Nunes